Uncategorized Passion By Design, 4.20.14 Jenny Perry, author & blogger Paula and Sandy will discuss focusing on ways to combat overwhelm and follow your intuition for capturing a better life. We’ve all experienced overwhelm..what does it look like in your life? We will also be discussing “serendipity” and the joy of knowing that your life has a path, a plan, and a purpose. Jenny Perry […]
Uncategorized Passion By Design, Guest: Claire Fullerton, Author This week’s show! “Design Strategies”  We’ re incorporating a new weekly segment called “Design Strategies” that will feature an aspect of design that you can incorporate into your home or business. It may be a segment on upcoming color trends, how to select a replacement faucet, or a great new product! Every year has an official […]
Uncategorized Passion By Design, Guest: Bob Donnell, Next Level 4 Success This week we’ll be talking about the importance of inspired surroundings and a sense of place.  Our guest: is author Claire Fullerton who has a new novel out titled “A Portal in Time.” It is set against the Carmel by the Sea backdrop. Available on Amazon.com
Uncategorized 9 Steps to Breakthrough to Happy This week’s show we will be discussing “Life on New Terms.” We’ll bring you great new Passion By Design ideas for the “New Passionate, Succesful, Happy You.” Our featured guest is Bob Donnell, CEO of Next Level 4 Success and Next Level By Association. Bob is a sought after speaker, coach, and mentor whose direct […]
Uncategorized Tony Seton, Award-winning broadcast journalist…political consultant…wr The tables are turned, this time it’s co-host of Passion By Design, Sandy Peckinpah being interviewed by Rose James on her show, Transform Your Life.  Sandy thought she had a “fairy tale” life. She was the wife of David Peckinpah,  a writer and Emmy nominated television producer, she had just completed her book tour for […]
Uncategorized What Every Couple Needs to Know About Keeping Intimacy Alive Passion By Design: Tony Seton, author and Broadcast Journalist. Robert Vickrey, The Royal Palms Resort and Spa Tony Seton is a professional writer, public speaker, business and political consultant, and communications specialist. Early in his career as a broadcast journalist, he covered Watergate, six elections, and five space shots, produced Barbara Walters’ news interviews, and […]
Uncategorized What do Men Really Think? Raise Your Passion Energy Passion by Design: Guest Linda Carroll, relationships expert Paula and Sandy discuss intimacy doldrums with relationship expert Linda Carroll. “As a leading relationship counselor for over thirty years, I know how fragile the ties that hold us together can be. Frequently I see couples who think they want out of the relationship when they are […]
Uncategorized Romance Novels and the 7 Year Itch Passion By Design: Unlock the Secrets to the Male Brain! Paula McChesney and Sandy Peckinpah discuss raising your Passion IQ and talk with today’s guest, Jonathon Aslay, who is a Romance and Relationship Confidant for Women If you’re single, dating, or currently in a relationship and are struggling to understand men better, you may be […]
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Uncategorized Is the Tortured Artist the Only Way to Create? Passion by Design: Romance Novels and the 7 Year Itch What??? J. Lo and Marc Anthony split up? Wait a minute… isn’t she People Magazine’s ” most beautiful woman in the world” and isn’t he the Latin heart-throb singer? Didn’t they just perform on American Idol and seem like the perfect match and more in […]
Uncategorized What if You Could Play a Roll in Ending World Poverty from Your Living Room? Passion By Design, 7/23/11 Guest: Peter Andrews, guitarist and composer who has an extensive list of television and film credits Creativity leads the way to a life of passion. Today we are looking at the role of creativity in leading a resilient life. Are you one of those people who look at creativity as being […]
Uncategorized Get Your Groove Back! Awaken Your Summer to Possibility! Passion By Design: Guest, Carmel Jud, Rising International Paula McChesney and Sandy Peckinpah have a full hour of looking at the possibilities of making a difference in the world. Their guest today, Carmel Jud, had a dream to end world hunger. Thus, Rising International was born. This organization promotes ownership of craft-based businesses by women […]
Uncategorized Vacation Impossible…how to make every day a romantic getaway Passion By Design: 7/09/11 Guests: actor and author Stefan Pinto, Michael Stephens, general manager of the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch, Tom Slavin, Arizona Regional Manager of Gold’s Gym Paula McChesney and Sandy Peckinpah have a full hour of fantastic guests to awaken your summer to possibility. Joining us is Stefan […]
Uncategorized Awaken Your Life to Color! Passion By Design: Sandy Peckinpah and Paula McChesney Ever wonder why vacations can give you a new look at your relationship? Sandy and Paula discuss great tips for making your vacation a state of mind where romance can flourish and bring peace and fun into other parts of our lives. How do we keep the […]
Uncategorized Feeling in Chaos? It’s Time for Transition Passion By Design Guest: Paula Crevoshay, jewelry designer and speaker Paula McChesney is known in the interior design industry as the “Queen of Color”. Paula brings a depth of intuitive feeling and practical education to her work with her clients. Paula shares: “I recommended to a client that he paint one wall yellow, to bring […]
Uncategorized How to Look Your Best at Any Age! Passion By Design Guest: Bob Donnell, Next Level 4 Success Unexpected change can happen at any time in life, and often indicates the need for one door of your life to close in order for another to open. Sandy and Paula discuss their own experiences with transition and reveal their “3 Secrets for Success.” Joining […]