Uncategorized July 30, 2011

Is the Tortured Artist the Only Way to Create?

Passion by Design: Romance Novels and the 7 Year Itch

What??? J. Lo and Marc Anthony split up? Wait a minute…
isn’t she People Magazine’s ” most beautiful woman in the world” and isn’t he the Latin heart-throb singer? Didn’t they just perform on American Idol and seem like the perfect match and more in love than ever? As Laurence Olivier once said “It’s called acting, dear boy!”

They aren’t the first couple to call it quits after seven years. Research indicates many marriages are vulnerable to splitting up after getting through the first few years of attraction and bliss.

In our book, Passion By Design, we call it “the relationship flu.” Find out why it happens, and learn great information and tips for making your relationship last.
We will also discuss
Romance Novels…
Discover the secret about romance novels and their role in relationships.

YOU may just have to run to the library after today’s show!