Uncategorized June 25, 2011

Feeling in Chaos? It’s Time for Transition

Passion By Design Guest: Paula Crevoshay, jewelry designer and speaker

Paula McChesney is known in the interior design industry as the “Queen of Color”. Paula brings a depth of intuitive feeling and practical education to her work with her clients. Paula shares: “I recommended to a client that he paint one wall yellow, to bring a sense of joy and aliveness back into his life. He later shared with me that that color awakened something inside of him that enhances his life every day.
That’s the power of color.” Sandy and Paula discuss awakening the senses to the powerful tool of color and light.

Joining us is Paula Crevoshay, who is known in the jewelry world as “The Queen of Color.” She wears her light and lives the beauty. She’s one the leading designers of jewelry of our time and currently has two pieces being presented in the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Her modern sensibility combined with knowledge of archetypes and art history imbue her designs with a signature look that is at once “as old and deep as the oceans and as fresh as the morning dew.”

Listen in as she expresses her inspiration on life, art, humanity, purpose, and all that our generation can achieve. She even reveals tips for the best jewelry colors and styles to enhance the face…an instant “facelift!”

In the Passion Secrets segment this week, Paula McChesney will offer answers to listeners questions about adding color to their lives. Tune in as she reveals the secret color for the bedroom!